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Brian J. Robinson is a Columbus-based photographer. Brian has been shooting for 10 years professionally and has worked as a contributing photographer for several award winning publications.

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Phone: 614-549-4384
Columbus, OH USA


Client List —

Columbus Underground
Cleveland Scene Magazine
T.I.N.T Magazine
Toledo Blade
Double Clutched
Mercury III Cosmetics
Teen Challenge Cincinnati
GUDWKND Clothing Company Sewn Magazine 86 & Norman Handbags & Accesories

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Hello and thank you for visiting! Visual Arts for me is the way that I connect with life and bring the beauty of this world to fruition. I enjoy the expression and freedom involved in the visual arts. Its amazing to be able to find the beauty in things, even if its something as benign as a fallen leaf or a placid lake. 

If you are here just browse I greatly appreciate you for visiting and browsing my work. If you are interesting in booking me as a photographer, it would be an honor and privilege to bring your vision to pass. 

God Bless, 


The Visual Arts for me is the ultimate expression of life, creation and beauty.
— Brian J. Robinson